5 Best Private Label Tea Companies of Course with Halal Status

5 Best Private Label Tea Companies of Course with Halal Status

If you’re looking to get started in the ready-to-drink tea market or add to your current product line and are looking for the Best Private Label Tea Companies, look no further than Clover Farms. Clover Farms was founded in 1937 in the rich hills of the dairy country of Pennsylvania, the Netherlands. Today, we are the largest private dairy company in PA.


Our uncompromising quality can be found in every milk, tea, juice, or other liquid product we manufacture, pack, or ship. Our tradition of quality, freshness, and taste is embodied in every refresh that bears our name.


Best Private Label Tea Companies

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Many of our products, such as the very popular Iced Clover Tea, can be privately Best Private Label Tea Companies. Specially formulated from the finest tea ingredients.


Icy Tea is available in various flavors, including Icy Green Tea and Icy Diet Green Tea, which are enriched with powerful ginseng roots, brewed in purified, filtered water, and sweetened with pure golden honey.


Private Labeling Services vs. Joint Packing Service

Private labeling and co-packaging are two terms that are often misunderstood and confused.


Private labeling means that Perkebunan Semanggi manufactures products from our own formulations, such as Icy Tea, and then packages them under your brand name with Best Private Label Tea Companies.


In some cases, proprietary formulas can be created, or our current formulas can be customized to meet your needs. Under a private label agreement, Clover Farms procures the ingredients and manufactures the product while retaining ownership of the formula.


Co-packing, on the other hand, is the process by which manufacturers such as Clover Farms produce and package your proprietary formula under a contractual agreement.


You retain all rights to the formula, and the manufacturer agrees not to produce or distribute the formula without permission.


The customer can source and prepay for the materials or leave this task to the manufacturer and will be required to pay a co-packing fee which varies from project to project.


Clover Farms does not offer co-packing

If you prefer to private label the drinks we currently offer or create a custom formula for Best Private Label Tea Companies, we’d be happy to help!


If you are interested in owning your own product line but prefer to focus on sales and marketing without worrying about sourcing and sourcing materials, certification, and labor-intensive manufacturing processes, take advantage of the expertise of the R&D team, Clover Farms marketing experts, and support staff.


Clover Farms offers a large selection of products that can be privately labeled. With our in-house manufacturing and packaging capabilities, our experienced team can recommend varieties and flavors, support design and packaging choices, and manage your distribution needs.


For many of our wholesale, convenience store, and retail chain customers, Best Private Label Tea Companies from Clover Farms represents some of the best-selling products in their stores.


If you are interested in implementing your own private label program, consider Clover Farms, one of the best private label iced tea companies. We can provide you with everything you need to take advantage of the growing iced tea market.


Call us at (610) 921-9111 to get started.


Tea can be available in a variety of packages for end use: it can be drained into individual bags, left loose in cans or pouches, bottled as a finished beverage or concentrated form, or sealed in K-cups.


In addition, some of the teas available have special features such as organic ingredients, halal status, caffeine-free status, or special health formulas.


In this article, we’ll cover information on the top Best Private Label Tea Companies suppliers, then dive into details about the major branded tea suppliers in the United States to allow you to gauge what the market is like.


Features the Best Private Label Tea Companies

The table below shows data on the top Best Private Label Tea Companies suppliers on the Thomas platform.


Information includes each company’s headquarters, year of establishment, and size of the number of employees, if available. Hyphens indicate where information is not available.

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Let’s Check the Content

US Best Private Label Tea Companies Featured

Company Headquarters Year Founded Employees
1 Ikeda Tea World Huntington Beach, CA
2 Mother Parkers Fort Worth, TX 1912 100-199
3 Amelia Bay Johns Creek, GA 1989
4 Private Label Specialties, Ltd. Goffstown, NH 1990 10-49
5 Sugimoto Tea Company Redmond, WA 1946


1. Ikeda Tea World

Ikeda Tea World, based in Huntington Beach, CA, supplies bulk, custom, and Best Private Label Tea Companies matcha teas, as well as large quantities of Sencha and Hojicha. Their packaging options include retail cans and pouches, single-serve packages, and wholesale bags.


2. Mother Parkers

In Fort Worth, TX, Mother Parkers offers several Best Private Label Tea Companies blends, including black, green, herbal, rooibos, white, and decaffeinated flavors. The company provides coffee and tea for retail and foodservice applications, including restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, and office use.


3. Amelia Bay

Amelia Bay is headquartered in Johns Creek, GA. They provide special bottled teas for Best Private Label Tea Companies, as well as flavored iced coffees, flavored waters, and functional herbal drinks. The company’s teas include green, oolong, black, white, and red teas, as well as liquid and solid teas.


4. Private Label Specialties, Ltd

Goffstown, NH, offers specialty Best Private Label Tea Companies beverages, clothing, and promotional items. In addition to private label tea, they also provide root beer, birch beer, cream soda, ginger beer, sarsaparilla, ginger ale, lemonade, strawberry, cherry, raspberry lime, grape, orange, and orange cream soda, as well as water.


5. Sugimoto Tea Company

Based in Redmond, WA, Sugimoto Tea Company products include wholesale, bulk, Best Private Label Tea Companies, retail, and food service products. Their private label teas include certified organic, non-organic, ceremonial, and culinary grade matcha.


Top Branded US Tea Companies

We’ve compiled additional information about the top branded tea vendors below, according to Zippia. In addition to the location of each company’s headquarters, information includes company brands selling tea and annual sales in millions of US dollars.


Company Headquarters Annual Sales Brand(s)
1 Starbucks Seattle, WA 21,315 Tazo, Teavana
2 Reily Foods Company New Orleans, LA 205 Luzianne
3 Red Diamond Birmingham, AL 154 Red Diamond
4 Bigelow Tea Company Fairfield, CT 93 Bigelow
5 East-West Tea Company LLC Springfield, OR 75 Yogi Tea
6 Argo Tea Chicago, IL 63 Argo
7 Celestial Seasonings Boulder, CO 56 Celestial Seasonings
8 Universal Tea Company, Inc. Tigard, OR 24 Stash
9 W.R. Hambrecht Co., Inc. Emeryville, CA 21 Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Mighty Leaf*
5 Best Private Label Tea Companies of Course with Halal Status
Best Private Label Tea Companies

Source: zippia.com


Starbucks, in Seattle, WA, supplies ready-to-drink and brewable tea and coffee for retail purposes, and operates a chain of restaurants. The teas, Best Private Label Tea Companies Tazo and Teavana brands include bottles, sachets, K-cup pods, and lattes.


Reily Foods Company is headquartered in New Orleans, LA. Under their Luzianne brand, they supply bags, K-cups, concentrated liquids, and bottled teas. Types include decaffeinated, half-café, cold brew, green tea, hibiscus tea, sweetened, and unsweetened.


Red Diamond, in Birmingham, AL, offers ground and chilled coffee as well as cold-brewed teas, iced teas, and tea bags. They also offer several types of teas for food service, including teas on request, restaurant, frozen, gourmet specialties, and tropical teas.


Based in Fairfield, CT, Bigelow Tea Company supplies black, green, decaffeinated, herbal, probiotics, oolong, rooibos, iced tea, and seasonal teas. They offer natural, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, organic, fair trade, and ethical tea partnership products.


The East-West Tea Company, which sells teas through the Yogi brand, specializes in organic health teas. They offer more than 40 types of herbal, green, chai, and black teas, as well as teas with caffeine-free options.


Argo Tea supplies loose leaf teas including rooibos, black, green, red, herbal, white, fruit, ice, and caffeine-free varieties. The company, which also offers bottled tea for retail applications, is based in Chicago, IL.


Celestial Seasonings supplies more than 100 tea flavors in hot and iced tea bags, as well as K cups. Based in Boulder, CO, the company offers black, green, rooibos, white, and herbal flavors, as well as chai tea types, organic, decaffeinated, free of charge. caffeine, and health.


Headquartered in Tigard, OR, Universal Tea Company’s products include more than 250 Stash-branded teas and tea-related products. Their tea varieties include black, decaffeinated, herbal, iced, green, oolong, organic, specialty and health teas.


W.R. Hambrecht, which sells teas under the brands Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Mighty Leaf, offers tea to both consumers and wholesalers. They provide loose and bagged teas for retail, as well as displays. The tea bag and string are compostable and non-GMO.



This article has gone into detail about the top Best Private Label Tea Companies on Thomasnet.com, as well as the top branded tea suppliers in the US to give you an overview of the market. We hope this will further enable you in your sourcing.


If you’d like to find out more about these or other private label companies, please check out our Supplier Discovery page, which features 35 different categories of private label products, from food and beverage to packaging and cosmetics.


If you’d like to find more articles like this about private label products and services, you can check out our industry guide section, which features articles about the top suppliers of private label products across several categories.

5 Best Private Label Tea Companies of Course with Halal Status

Why choose to do a Best Private Label Tea Companies for your brand?

Premium tea products are one of the main trends emerging in the global tea market. Tea is an attractive complement to many brands and is a natural choice for companies looking to promote well-being.


Best Private Label Tea Companies have grown rapidly in recent years as more and more businesses recognize the market opportunity, reasonable costs, and profit margins in tea which can be twice as high as margins in coffee.


As the health and organic market categories continue to expand, brands are finding value in expanding their lines to appeal to healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


What cost point do you want?

Are you ready to accept the minimum order quantity required for Best Private Label Tea Companies products? Will your tea be a gift or a product you want to commercialize and have a positive ROI?


Are you planning to reorder on an ongoing basis, or will this be a one-time offer? All of these considerations are important thresholds in guiding your private label partnership.


Do you have the intention for your tea product to be established?

You don’t need to have a tea blend formulated before approaching your potential Best Private Label Tea Companies partner.


However, it does help streamline the process and ensure your satisfaction with the end result, if you have a clear intention on how you want your customers to see your tea.


For example, will it help people feel uplifted and energized, satisfy a sweet tooth, or support them to reach a pleasurable state of relaxation?


Or will it give your customers a fresh feeling, or remind them of a distant place or time? Or are you planning on doing functional teas like detox, energy, sleepiness, matcha, or turmeric blend?


The right private label partner will have the skills to bring your established vision to life.


Are you planning to use special materials?

Does your tea vision concept include functional ingredients or special tea types?


Would you like to use a rare or wild-harvested tea type or herb, or an adaptogen in your tea blend? Or other ingredients that your Best Private Label Tea Companies partner may not provide? Are you planning to add flavoring to your tea?


What certifications will you need?

For example, do you want your products to be certified organic, kosher, non-GMO, or gluten-free?


What form factor will you choose to package and present your tea product with?

Are you planning to make loose leaf tea, pyramid sachets, or other tea bags? Does your tea go into foodservice?


Do you need the sachets to be individually wrapped to maintain a fresh single serving? Do you need retail-ready packaging? Do you want to market branded tea accessories with your tea?


What is the world’s best-selling tea brand?

Lipton, one of the world’s best-selling tea brands, is consumed in over 110 countries, while iconic brands like Brooke Bond, Bushells, and PG tips refresh millions of tea-drinkers every day.


Who is the biggest tea producer?

Unsurprisingly China is top of the charts as the spiritual home of the humble cuppa and tops the list as the world’s largest tea-producing country. China produces some 40% of the world’s tea weighing in at 2.4 million tonnes.


Which country is famous for tea?

The four biggest tea-producing countries today are China, India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. Together they represent 75% of world production.


Where is the private label tea business located?

All aspects of your private label tea business from the design stages to printing, package, quality control, and shipping from start to finish are handled from our Orlando, Florida offices. We recommend starting with a smaller number of units of multiple products.


Which herbal teas don’t have a private label program?

Mighty Leaf has an excellent collection of varieties, ranging from traditional red, green, white, and oolong teas, as well as a wide variety of herbal non-caffeinated options. However, they are one of the few options on our list that doesn’t have a private label program.

Source: cloverfarms.com, thomasnet.com, and theteaspot.com

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