Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine, Let's Check the Content

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Let’s Check the Content

Catechins are a type of flavonoid which is also an antioxidant. Both caffeine and catechins are believed to speed up the body’s metabolism. Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Where catechins can help break down excess fat, while caffeine and catechins themselves can increase the energy used by the body. So it’s no wonder why green tea products are always selling well in the market.


Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine?

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Talking about green tea products, there are currently a lot of green tea products for diets to choose from because they are freely available in the market. Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Although green tea is proven to be effective in helping diet programs, you still have to be careful in choosing a quality and safe green tea products.


Tips for Choosing Safe Green Tea for Diet

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? So, so as not to make the wrong choice, here are tips for choosing a quality and safe green tea for your diet.


1. Choose perfectly dry tea leaves

Before you buy green tea products for a diet, make sure first that the tea leaves that you are going to buy are perfectly dry, but still, have a greenish color even if only a little.


This is because the standard of good tea leaves and guaranteed quality is tea leaves that are dry and not moist, so the water content is relatively low. If the tea leaves are moist, they will become a hotbed of bacteria and germs.


2. Don’t buy green tea in bulk

The second tip is to avoid buying green tea in large quantities. If you buy in large quantities, it will make the tea leaves not fresh anymore due to being stored for too long.


It would be better if the green tea products that have been purchased are stored in a place that is not exposed to sunlight and airtight. You can also store your green tea using aluminum foil.

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine, Let's Check the Content
Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine?

3. Pay attention to the color of the tea leaves

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? To ensure that the green tea for the diet that you are going to buy is still of good quality and safe, then you have to pay attention to the color of the tea leaves. Green tea leaves that have been completely dried will be pale green instead of green.


Green tea indicates that the tea has been stored for a long time and is no longer fresh. Except for the original green tea which is green in color because it is the effect of the fermentation process in its manufacture.


It is important to know the type and color of tea leaves so that you don’t make a mistake when choosing tea products. FYI, if the type of tea is white, then the color of the leaves will be grayish-white. If the type is oolong tea, then the color is a combination of white and green.


4. Do not choose tea leaves that have been broken

Do not choose tea leaves that have been broken is the next tip that you should pay attention to.


The best green tea leaves are not broken, because if the leaves are broken, it means that the tea leaves are not stored properly, and it means that the quality of the tea is poor. Namely using dregs instead of tea which is actually tea.


You need to know, that quality tea leaves are generally not chopped until soft, but rough and some are still in the form of whole leaves. Even green tea leaves will actually be better if they are still whole even if they are rolled up.


5. Pay attention to the freshness of the tea leaves

It’s important to know that green tea doesn’t stay fresh for long. After six months of shelf life, the freshness will start to decrease and the quality will not be as good as before.


But there are also some types of tea leaves that can last from one to two years. So it is very important to always check the production date and expiry date of the green tea product that you are going to buy.


6. Pay attention to where the green tea comes from

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Although a little complicated, in choosing quality green tea, it is important to pay attention to where the green tea comes from. Tea grown close to industrial areas or factories will not have the same quality as tea grown in mountainous areas far from industrial sites.


Heavy metals produced from these industrial activities can harm the body and trigger conditions such as thyroid problems, infertility, dementia, and other neurological conditions, as well as heart disease, so instead of helping you lose weight, it will make you thin due to illness.


Therefore, you can choose green tea that comes from areas far from big city centers or industries. Morocco, Sri Lanka, India, and Japan are some of the best green tea-producing countries that you can choose from.


7. Choose organic green tea

It is important to choose green tea that is grown organically without the use of pesticides or pesticide-free. FYI, the pesticide content found in vegetables or tea leaves is very dangerous for health because it can cause respiratory problems and even cancer.


Organic green teas are usually certified so you can easily check the label and do more research.


8. Pay attention to the aroma of tea leaves

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Tips in choosing a good green tea for the next diet is to pay attention to the aroma of the tea leaves to be purchased. Quality green tea has a fragrant aroma and looks fresher.


If the tea is not fragrant, it indicates that the tea is old and not fresh anymore. Or it could be that the processing of the tea leaves is bad or is the rest of the tea sorting.

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Choose the Best Type of Green Tea for the Diet

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Do not assume that green tea has only one variety because this type of tea has many varieties that have different antioxidant compositions and other properties. Some of the best types of green tea are:


1. Sencha

Sencha is the type of green tea that is most often drunk every day. This type of green tea comes from Japan with a high concentration of antioxidants. Sencha tea is described as having a grassy taste with a subtle blend of melon and pine balanced with a hint of bitterness.


2. Matcha

Of course, you are already familiar with matcha, the most popular type of green tea in several countries including Indonesia, we can indeed find it easily. Matcha itself is a type of green tea that is in powder form and has a bright green color and a foamy texture when brewed.


This type of green tea is also often used as a flavoring for ice cream, various kinds of traditional Japanese cakes (wagashi), and various sweets and chocolates.


3. Gyokuro

Gyokuro is a green tea variety extracted from high-end tea leaves that are pale green in color. This tea leaf is protected from sun exposure so it has a very fragrant aroma.


4. Tencha

This green tea variety is similar to Gyokuro in that it is protected from the sun, but not through the rolling process. Because it uses whole leaves, it has a naturally high caffeine content to help boost energy and metabolism.


5. Genmaicha

Genmaicha tea varieties are of medium quality combined with roasted brown rice, giving it a savory taste. This type of green tea is known for its properties in relieving stomach pain.


6. Bancha

There is also Bancha which is a type of green tea that uses tea leaves that are larger than sencha tea leaves and have a less fragrant aroma. The texture of this tea is a bit rough because it is taken from the second harvest between summer and autumn.


7. Hojicha

Hojicha is a type of green tea that refers to tea that is roasted (ginseng) in a frying pan or in the oven.


8. Kukicha

There is also Kukicha which is a low-quality green tea obtained from tea leaves mixed with tea stems.


The Right Way to Drink Green Tea for Diet

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? After knowing the tips and how to choose the best green tea for a diet, of course, we also have to know how to consume green tea products for a good and correct diet. There are several ways to consume green tea for a diet that you can apply.


1. Consumption of green tea without sugar

If you drink green tea to help with your diet, then don’t drink green tea with sugar. You need to know, that one of the reasons green tea is beneficial for weight loss is that it does not contain calories.


So adding sugar to green tea is the same as increasing calories and body weight. One teaspoon of sugar can add about 16 calories. This number of calories will continue to increase if you consume green tea with sugar regularly throughout the day.


2. Drink in the morning and at night

Consumption of green tea for weight loss is appropriate in the morning and at bedtime at night. In the morning it will help the detox process, but if you have ulcer disease, it should be taken after breakfast.


While at night it helps calm the body and mind so that you sleep better but still improve metabolism. So even though you sleep your body burns fat.


Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? But you have to pay attention to the portion of tea you will drink per day. Ideally is 1-4 cups a day, if excessive it will give side effects. High doses of caffeine in green tea can have an adverse effect on people who are at risk for heart problems or who have high blood pressure.


3. Drink green tea in warm temperatures

Don’t let the green tea cool down or rush to drink it while it’s still hot. Because consuming green tea for a good diet when the temperature of the tea is warm.


Consuming green tea at a warm temperature will make the good benefits of green tea can be absorbed by the body optimally. Because if in cold conditions it will slow down the absorption of the good substances in it.


4. Drink green tea before exercising

One more way to drink green tea so that you get maximum results for weight loss is to drink green tea before exercising.


Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? A study showed that consuming EGCG (a type of catechin in green tea) combined with caffeine about 90 minutes before exercise can significantly increase the level of fat oxidation during exercise.


Recommendations for a good green tea for diet

You already know the tips for choosing a good green tea for a diet, as well as how to consume green tea for the right diet. It’s time for us to find out which green tea brands are good for dieting.


As we know, currently there are many brands of green tea that can be easily found in the market from cheap to expensive. Of the many green tea products and brands, here are the best green tea brands that are good for dieting.


Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Green tea that is good for the next diet comes from the Bigelow brand. Bigelow itself is a tea brand from the US that was founded in 1945. One of the green tea variants from Bigelow which is well known for its slimming tea is Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags.


Green tea is rich in antioxidants which make it a healthier and tastier drink with a very delicate taste. This green tea from Bigelow uses a special foil bag that protects the tea from the air, moisture, and aroma to keep it intact.


Interestingly, this green tea can also be used as an infuser. Where you can tear the tea bag and use the tea leaves to make a healthy infuser. Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags are sold at a fairly expensive price, which is around IDR 300 thousand.

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Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine?

Bigelow Green Tea Decaffeinated French Tea Vanilla 20 Tea Bags (1.28 oz. / 36 g). Bigelow Tea Decaffeinated French Vanilla Tea has a special taste in tea, with a rich and strong vanilla flavor.


Experience more than just tea. Bigelow invites you to take a private moment to relax and rest with a delightful cup of French Vanilla Decaffeinated Tea.


The rich vanilla flavor will soothe even the busiest days and since it has no calories and the added benefits of healthy antioxidants, it’s good for you too! 20 individually wrapped tea bags per box.


Warm Green Tea is the fully oxidized leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant. Rich in flavor and antioxidants, Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Yes, of course. Bigelow green tea naturally contains 30 – 60 mg of caffeine – to the amount found in coffee.


From English Teatime to Pomegranate Green, Bigelow has many wonderful teas for you to enjoy. And, most importantly, each tea bag is sprinkled and sealed in a fresh foil pack so all the goodness is protected until you’re ready to have a cup of tea.


About Bigelow Teas

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Founded in 1945 by Grief Campbell Bigelow, R.C. Bigelow, Inc. is dedicated to being a premier entrepreneur packer of truly refined quality tea. As a family-owned and operated business, their company is guided by the following four basic principles:


1. Satisfied Consumers

At Bigelow, the customer is number one. Therefore, it is important that they provide a product that meets all their expectations. Bigelow Tea’s primary focus is on producing teas that offer a unique and truly satisfying experience.


In this endeavor, Bigelow will not allow the price to compromise their product. The good taste and freshness of the product is the main consideration in their tea creation.


2. Strong relationship

With Bigelow’s customers and suppliers, they are constantly working to build and maintain strong business relationships. Bigelow Tea realizes that through excellent communication and mutual respect, they grow and prosper together.


3. Satisfied Employees

Bigelow is an equal opportunity company dedicated to providing a challenging and positive environment for its employees to work.


Recognizing that each employee plays an important role in the company’s success, they strive to attract and retain outstanding individuals who will take pride in all aspects of their area of ​​responsibility, and understand the importance of cooperation among their fellow employees.


Bigelow Tea strives to motivate and satisfy its employees as well as promote individuals based on merit and contribution.


4. Good Corporate Citizen

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Bigelow Tea has been, and always will be, based on strong ethical business practices and is dedicated to only the highest standards of conduct in all areas.


Bigelow Tea feels obligated to support the local communities in which they live so they can build good working relationships as well as contribute to worthy local and national causes.


In addition, as good corporate citizens, they remain committed to protecting the environment by continuously trying to improve the environmental responsiveness of their packaging.


5. Community engagement

Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Bigelow Tea does not tire when it comes to community engagement. For more than 20 years, Bigelow’s families and employees have given back to the communities in which they work, especially in and around Fairfield, CT, the headquarters for Bigelow Tea.


From the annual Bigelow Community Challenge Road Race to building homes for families in need, helping with school mentoring programs, doing book drives, and participating in business college programs for the city’s school district, employees love to get involved and give back again and again.


As part of the Bigelow Mission statement per Cindi Bigelow: “As good corporate citizens, they feel obligated to support the local communities in which they live so as to build good working relationships and to contribute to worthy local and national causes.” The end result: they receive more than they give!



So, Does Bigelow Green Tea Have Caffeine? Those are some recommendations for green tea brands that are good for the diet and safe for consumption. Although consuming green tea can support a diet program, you must still regulate your calorie intake, and do exercise regularly so that the results can be maximized. May be useful.


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